aKNIGHT2000 Thunder  Voice Console

KNIGHT2000 Thunder - IoT 3.0

The Era of KITT Living Services

The Era of Connected intelligence that will revolutionize the ability to create exciting and indispensable services

In the ’90 Born the Web and Internet Network

In the years 2000 the mobility Concept take Advantage Respect classic Internet

In the years 2010 born "The Era of IoT" and then "The Era of Living Services"

For Internet of Things (IoT), the objects ("things") will make it recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the fact of being able to communicate information about themselves

Living Services is the combination of two powerful forces: the digitization of everything and liquid (“real time”) consumer expectations.
Because they will flow through devices that will always be with us, such as wearable or the nearable, and because they will have on our lives a much more profound and positive impact of what they've got mobile and web.
"The Era of Living Services", now leads the evolution of services created by the convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and "liquid" expectations of modern consumers.

Over the next years, sensors, the cloud, connected smart devices and real-time analytics will combine to deliver a new layer of connected intelligence that will revolutionize the ability to create exciting and indispensable services. They will transform and improve the way we live, removing mundane tasks and anticipating our needs in delightful ways.

.KNIGHT2000 Thunder  Voice Console

What is included in the Package IoT 3.0

The version IoT, includes to all effects as already present in the version 1.x, LITE 2.x, PRO 2.x plus a whole series of real time functionality resulting from the combination between the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) and Living Services.

- CO.Central Processing UNIT or CO.CPU
- 16 RELAYS   RS485 Protocol (similar to the CANBUS protocol particularly robust for Automotive and elettromagnetic environment)
- IoT devices sensors for replicate Real Function present in the Television series
LASER RADAR to detect DISTANCE of object in front of KITT (use the LIDAR technology leader in the Automotive Distance sensor)
- INFRARED Device for detect temperature without contact
- CUSTOM APP for Android

- DVD with software for WINDOWS carpc and for manage all the system


What is the CO.CPU or CO-Central Processing Unit

The KITT CO-Processing CPU Unit, or CO.CPU is a microprocessor, not a carpc, can work alone (without PC turned ON or with PC turn ON) and in combination with your Mobile Device (Smartphone or smartwatch); at the moment it has not a Video Output because use the smartphone as video output. It is possible connect the CO.CPU to a Windows Carpc with a simple USB connection.

It allows you to:

  • control relays of the car with voice command also without a carpc
  • control many KITT functions with smartphone also without a carpc
  • talk with KITT without a carpc
  • remote control KITT via SMS
  • interface KITT with the outside world with many sensors
  • and many others

The CO.CPU has a power consumption of up to 1,3 Ampere with 6 volts in order to operate for hours and hours or days without draining your car battery or simply by plugging it into a separate pile.

So here is below a schematic possible configurations

  • Mobile Device + CO-CPU + sensors + relays Boards
  • Mobile Device + CO-CPU + sensors + relays Boards + KITT electronics dash
  • Mobile Device + CO-CPU + sensors + relays Boards + KITT electronics dash + PC (Knight2000 Thunder PC Software) + Central lower Console



The Co.CPU has many sensors that allows replcate many real functions present in the TV series. For example here only some functions

- Infrared Tracking Scope
- Vital Sign, Heart Beat (Blood Analyzer)
- Olfactory Scan - Oxygen
- Noise Surveillance
- Magnetic Field Calculation (Electromagnetic Field Generator )
- Surveillance Mode (Surveillance Mode )
- Collision Detector (Security Alert )
- Voltage Deduction Coil (Voltage Deduction Coil )
- Homing Device & Signal (Homing Device and Signal )

Material: PET - Black insulated braided sleeve PET expandable sheath
Flame Restandance: UL VW-5
Temperature resistance: -50 c ~ 150 c
Melting point: 230 c 5
Expansion ratio: 150%

PVC material
Flame Restandance: UL VW-1
Rated temperature: 80
Features: Environmental PVC insulator, multi-strand tin-plated copper wire stranded, strong antioxidant performance, standard thickness - Strong interface resistance to signlas

The Sensor Use the LIDAR technology leader in the Automotive Distance sensor
Operation temperature: -20 ~ +60?
Enclosure rating: IP65 certified, means that:
IP6X - Dust Resistant. It is completely protected from the ingress of dust.
IPX5 - Water Protection: Protected against water jets. For example: a direct spray of water from a nozzle or thin cinnamon of maximum 6.3 mm (0.63 cm). Test for 3 minutes and water equal to 12.5 liters (12.5 mm) per minute, distance of 3 meters.
Operating Range: 0.1 - 12 mt
Distance resolution: 5mm
Accuracy: + - 1%
Ambient light immunity: 70 klux
Low power consumption 85mW
Average current = 110mA - Peak current: 500mA
Pass the vibration test
Weight: 11 g
Dimensions: 42mm * 15mm * 16mm (L * W * H)

They use the RS485 protocol, similar to CANBUS and particularly robust in environments with a lot of electromagnetic interference such as the automotive one
108 mm / 105 mm / 25mm (connectors mounted)
108 mm / 83 mm / 25mm (connectors un-mounted)
Required power: 12VDC / minimum 600 mA.
Relays have Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) Contacts each capable of switching max:
- 12VDC / 15A

All sensors are compliant for these specification
- RoHS
- Halogens

CO.CPU is a Open System can be interface with electronics of other vendors

The CO.CPU system can be interfaced with system of others vendors; the IoT 3.0 in this version is interfaciable with the ideegeniali dash electronics, with a protocol Comunication link that required only a wire from the COM port of CO.CPU to all the COM port of each Dash Board. The Windows software is also capable of interface with the ideegeniali Central Lower Console, to the SPACEMAT keyboard.



The IoT 3.0 allows the Voice Recognition also without any windows CARPC; voice recognition use the KNIGHT2000 Thunder IoT APP and allows to recognize all languages supported because it is system language indipendent  (a part English, Deutch, French, Spanish and Italian also Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian and so on).

So do not need buy any microphone, do not need any voice training for instructing the speech recognition because it is voice independent, do not make use of any special heavy and costly voice recognition software, which can slow down your PC performance in terms of CPU and RAM occupied. This Voice Recognition need however an Internet Connection, if it is not available the system is anyway compatible with both VoiceAttack and Dragon that can be used simultaneously or even in place of the KITT CO-Processing CPU.


The CO.CPU and the upgradable firmware

The CO.CPU is firmware upgradale, so you can have new functions or best function with a periodic firmware upgrade. The ONLY UPGRADE of the firmware is FREE !


The APP for SmartPhone or SmartWatch

The APP is compatible with Android systems, and it is adaptable to the smartwatch but need a medium or big display otherwise many function are not usable. It allows control KITT also without a CARPC; if you have a CARPC the APP also control the KNIGHT2000 Thunder platform on the carPC and in this case it become a Custom remote controller of the Windows Software



The system is interfaciable with the ideegeniali electronics, with a protocol Comunication link that required only a wire from the COM port of CO.CPU to all the COM port of each Dash Board



Real KITT Function (or similar) included in the new 3.0 IoT version 

  • Aud / Vid Playback
  • Aud / Vid Record
  • Audio Bank
  • Audio Playback
  • Auto Doors
  • *Auto Phone
  • Auto Windows
  • Auto-Roof
  • *Blood Analyzer
  • *Electromagnetic Field Generator
  • *Geological Analyzer
  • *Ground-Air Surveillance
  • *Homing Device and Signal
  • *Infrared Tracking Scope
  • *Olfactory Scan
  • *Oxygen
  • Record
  • *Security Alert
  • *Speech Synthesis Module
  • *Surveillance Mode
  • *Traffic Control System
  • Trunk Lid
  • *Vital Signs
  • *Voice Analyzer
  • *Voice Projection
  • *Voltage Deduction Coil


  • New Feature
  • Acceleration and Inclination with Warning with Event (Audio Message, exe Action)
  • Automatic Lock Door with SPEED
  • Automatic Switch ON Light with Sensor
  • Cam Motion with Movements and Temperatures Event (Audio Message, exe Action)
  • Coffee Function
  • Dynamic volume and Fader Control
  • Dynamic Switch Pannel over till 4 Monitors
  • Environment Analysis
  • *Face Detector
  • Gesture Control, internal and external
  • *Infrared Image Elaboration with Temperature Motion Detector
  • *Positioning and Antitheft System
  • Remote Control all Over the World
  • *Remote Surveillance with IP CAM
  • Scan Environment
  • Speed Warning with Event (Audio Message, exe Action)
  • Selfie Function
  • Vocal and text to Speech SMS
  • Voice Recognition without PC in 46 language
  • *Weather Broadcast with Speech


Auto Phone (Auto Phone )

The module is used to make phone calls, receive and send SMS and interact with social networks like Facebook. For incoming phone Call is necessary to have the autoresponder and the handsfree. It is possible make voice calls and send voice SMS.

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Auto Phone: used to call someone in KITT.

compass.jpg (15117 bytes)

Speech Synthesis Module (Speech Synthesis Module )

The module allows to disguise his voice and change the tone, for now available in Voice Projector

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Speech Synthesis Module: allows some one to talk and have KITT change their voice to sound like someone else. Used only for telephone conversations.


Geological Analyzer (Geological Analyzer )

The geolocation service allows you to check the shape of the area where you are located as well as having the traffic information

It also provides information such as

  • weather forecast with Speech Synthesis
  • Temperature
  • Sunrise and sunset time
  • Wind speed

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Geological Analyzer: this allows KITT to scan land formations



Surveillance Mode (Surveillance Mode )

The Surveillance System allows

  • Human or animal presence Detection or to normal inanimated object near KITT with the Infrared Temperature System
  • the presence of something on the basis of perceived movement near KITT, through Cam Motion
  • Remote monitoring in an environment over an IP Camera

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Surveillance Mode: this puts KITT on full sensor alert

Ground-Air Surveillance: KITT can monitor any air activity


Collision Detector (Security Alert )

The function allows you to report a possible dangerous situation based on the preset values of the car acceleration.

Against this you can program some events how to record a video or executed a particular file

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Security Alert: Alerts Michael to danger ahead.


Scan Environment

The function allows you make a Photo of the environment in wich KITT is located and post it on Facebook. This features is available also via an SMS but need a Mobile device present into KITT; for example you can hide somewhere (headrest of the seat) leaving only CAM visible.


Voltage Deduction Coil (Voltage Deduction Coil )

It allows you to monitor the battery voltage and warning with messages or action warning any user-defined levels.

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Voltage Deduction Coil: used to increase or decrease electrical current in something. Located under front bumper.


Homing Device & Signal (Homing Device and Signal )

This feature allows you to track in real time the KITT position and display it on a map.

In this way it is possible always know where KITT is or be used as a burglar alarm.


KITT Fuctions corresponding

Homing Device: a tracking device inside of KITT that the Foundation uses to track him.

Homing Signal: the signal emitted from the Homing Device


Magnetic Field Calculation (Electromagnetic Field Generator )

This feature displays the Magnetic Field present in that moment.

The values is indicate in Tesla (T) and Gauss. Generally the normal values due to the Normal Magnetic Earth are:

  • Equator: 30 T
  • Poles : 62 T

Any other variations is dependent on any external factors that affect the magnetic field itself

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Electromagnetic Field Generator: this creates electrical fields. (Power boxes, circuit breakers).



Traffic System (Traffic Control System)

This feature displays traffic conditions in real time in the area where you are located

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Traffic Control System: KITT can control traffic lights.

Alghoritm used

The calculation works by analyzing the GPS-determined locations transmitted by a large number of mobile phone users and by calculating the speed of users along a length of road

When a threshold of users in a particular area is noted, the overlay along roads and highways on the Google map changes color

Cellular telephone companies constantly monitor the locations of user devices. One tracking method is trilateration, whereby the distance (time delay) to three or more surrounding cell phone towers is measured. Another tracking method monitors the exact user coordinates determined by a GPS receiver inside the phone



Noise Surveillance (Voice Analyzer)

This feature allows to detect the level of noise in DB. Use the microphone of your device. KITT takes its autonomy of preprogrammed action based on Decibel Level setted by the user.

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Voice Analyzer: KITT can detect fear or if someone is lying by analyzing their voices.



Olfactory Scan - Oxygen (Olfactory Scan - Oxygen)

This Software feature detects Air Quality indoors. It is able to detect a wide variety of gases such as

  • carbon monoxide,
  • alcohol,
  • acetone,
  • solvents,
  • formaldehyde
  • Gas Detection in a range between 10 ~ 1000ppm

KITT takes its autonomy of action based on Air Quality like Oxygenation of Interior.

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Olfactory Scan: KITT's "sense of smell". Oxygen: This oxygenates the interior of KITT.




Vital Sign, Heart Beat (Blood Analyzer)

This feature allows you to measure the real Heart Beats. KITT takes its autonomy of action based on your Heart status; the action is programmable.

KITT Fuctions corresponding

Blood Analyzer- KITT can detect foreign elements in the blood stream and determine blood pressure.

Alghoritm used

This module is based on technology which measures the variation human blood movement in the vessel.


Face Recognition (Surveillance Mode)

This feature allow to scanning the environment with a Normal Webcam and a recognize the presence of a Human Face. The recognition of a person's face KITT can undertake a particular preprogrammed action .

KITT Fuctions corresponding

It is used in the real Film features of Surveillance Mode of KITT

Face Detection can be performed fairly reliably working in roughly 90-95% of clear CAM image of a person looking forward at the camera. It is usually harder to detect a person's face when they are viewed from the side or at an angle.

It can also be very difficult to detect a person's face if the image is not very bright, or if part of the face is brighter than another or has shadows or is blurry or wearing glasses, etc. However, Face Recognition is much less reliable than Face Detection.

Alghoritm used

It use the principle of Haar-like features used in Object Recognitions

Haar-like feature’s principle is based on detection of features encoding of some information about the class to be detected. They are adjacent rectangles in a particular position of an image. Figure 1 shows the types of Haar-like features depending on the number of adjacent rectangles.


Infrared Temperature Detect (Infrared Tracking Scope)

This features is used for Detected Movement, in particular

  • Sensing and measuring surface temperatures without surface contact
  • Monitoring a system for over-temperature conditions
  • Human or animal presence detection
  • Movement detection
  • Body temperature measurement


KITT Fuctions corresponding

It is corresponding to the Infrared Tracking Scope It is an enhanced version of the Tracking Scope that uses infrared to scan. Range: 10 miles (Tracking Scope- This locks on to a certain car so Michael can track it).


Alghoritm used

Wide temperature ranges: -40 to 125 C for the ambient temperature and -70 to 382.2 C for the object temperature.  

Maximum effective distance

In order to determine the maximum distance we first need to understand how KITT measures temperature. KITT takes in IR radiation in a conical pattern from directly in front of the black canister mounted on the board. The field of view (FOV) of the device is rated at 10, to illustrate:

The measured value is the average temperature of all objects in the 10 Field Of View of the sensor.

Note that this means that you can measure the temperature of objects from any distance provided the object is of sufficient size. This is a bit counter-intuitive but true. You could measure the temperature of the sun from 7.9 million kilometers away though the data would admittedly be about 26 seconds old.



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