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Generale Description and Features

KNIGHT2000 Thunder Voice Console is a completely new platform built with special graphics specifically designed for a perfect match to the style Knight Rider.

- Fully navigable and controllable voice through the use of'' Dragon or ViaVoice software (over 100 voice commands for navigation for both systems)
- Manages: Internet connection, Multi webcam (up to 5 Cam) Multi Audio (up to 5 sound cards), GPS, Dual Monitors, Video, MP3, audio effects
- Allows you to manage native relay cards or already in possession;

- Comprehensive of instructions, and instructions for creating new voice commands or with ViaVoice or Dragon

- Management of up to 5 sound cards
- Management of up to 5 webcam which lets you record movies or photos you want to take
- Motion Detection Webcam with management on the 5 events (Event Driven Agent )
- Easy Setup and interactive Info Center Massage
- Assignable Buttons for functionality
- Multimedia Player ( Audio , Video, Film) with spectrum analyzer , graphical effects , read MP3 info , playlists, etc.
- Section 80 year games
- Internet navigation with On Screen keyboard
- Sound Projector , projecting his voice with special sound effects on a 5 to pleasure of sound cards
- Voice Analyzer, multi-spectral analyzer of the item divided by frequency
- WebRadio: Radio Web with Info Center Massage activated towards any Audio tab
- Ultra Audio Manager with special sound effects and spectrum analyzer, to manipulate the audio file or sound source web radio Multi Audio tab
- GPS Tacho Meter Satellite Info Center with Massage for real-time some interesting and useful information: time and average speed in kph or mph , on -screen display .
- Acceleration of the car.
- Altitude in meters or feet .
- The direction of travel relative to the ground - an indication of the Latitude and Longitude and their graphical representation .
- Graphical presentation of the satellites on the horizon , visible and those in use.
- The number of visible satellites , as well as their details , such as power, position .
- Graphical representation of the time course of the velocity .
- Display of the satellites on the horizon Monitor 1 or 2.
- Management of events ( Event Driven Agent ) associated with certain values ??of velocity or acceleration
- Video and Audio Random function on one of the 5 sound cards or on one of the 2 monitors with video of Devon
- Management of electrical devices via car or proprietary relay cards already in possession;
- Graphic animation of the activation of the device by voice prompts also
- Touch & Go function , with the possibility of activating a device by clicking on the car
- GPS navigator, through the use of third-party products for which you supply only the sentences of KITT
- OBD diagnostics through the use of third-party products Free

KNIGHT2000 Thunder Utility Pack
The package also includes Utility Suite Pack to be used in part or as a support for the creation of macros Vowels:

- Macro Maker Studio: the Integrated graphical environment that allows you to build and test a preview with a few clicks macros defining the timeline and what audio, video or send exe running, with the possibility to choose between one of the 5 sound cards or one of the 2 monitors. Manages 3 modes of response: Random, Humanized, Standard. It does not require third-party software

- VoiceBox: allows the monitor to represent the voicebox animated at an audio file or a phrase. It does not require third-party software

- VideoBox: allows you to send running on the monitor you want the movie you want. It does not require third-party software

- Include
- more than 40 new Video use for their own purposes or for creating your own macros Voice
- Even more than 100 Italian phrases KITT to use for their own purposes or for creating new voice commands
- Over 150 voice commands already preset, clear indication of the ease of creating new













KNIGHT2000 Thunder  Voice Console

The KNIGHT2000 Thunder Voice Console is the most surprising and sophiticated software for KITT I ever seen ! amazing ...

Michael Scheffe

The KNIGHT 2000 Thunder Voice Console is the interactive platform designed specifically for replicas of KITT, so as to allow a simple interaction with simple voice commands and make driving more fun as possible without taking your hands off the wheel.
Special graphics specifically designed for a perfect match to the style Knight Rider.
New features, special effects graphics, internet technology, Satellite and much more.

The recent version 2.0 (2017) offers more features

The Presentation of the Software in Preview

It was officially presented to the Italian Knight Rider Festival at June 22, 2013 in Milan, on board one of the most perfect and faithful replicas exist, that its management has opted for the platform KNIGHT2000 Thunder Voice Console; the same Michael Scheffe, having viewed and used in the program wrote (see above)

The KNIGHT2000 Thunder Voice Console is the most surprising and sophiticated software for KITT I ever seen ! amazing ...

Michael Scheffe

KNIGHT2000 Thunder  Voice Console T..
Davide Faraso

The technology used

KNIGHT2000 Thunder is a completely new and rewritten from scratch, using technology from Microsoft, Visual Studio, then a set of real programming languages. This is not a conglomeration of several different programs made by various manufacturers and sold as owners, but rather an integrated platform, where the code has been written line by line from scratch in 'Area Development RoadThudhnerStorm (RTS Development Department).

All individual modules, such as the media player, the projector Sound, Motion Detection on Multi WebCAM, Web Radio Ultra Video players were written line by line using the native Windows API, so Microsoft technology for Microsoft Environment.

The only exception is the Navigator and Tool OBD products that are provided by Third Parties, but that they will also be made at home for a short iun perfect match to the style Knight Rider.

Study and Research

Behind the creation of the software there is a study and research (by 's RTS Research Department) in order to:.

- Implement a software for as much as possible in line with the television series, for the management of the replicas of KITT ..
- Create a graphical particular: 800x600 created specifically for monitor 5 "mounted in the replicas and studied, with the support of a Study of Information Design, for a perfect match with the graphics and the colors of the dashboard ..
- Have new sounds taken directly from the television series, and rebuilt in the studio in digital, absolutely faithful to the TV series ..
- Take into account the suggestions received from the replicants

KNIGHT2000 Thunder  Voice Console

The software and graphics are copyrighted © and regularly Register ®

The Voice Control: which program to use

The platform is fully navigable and controllable by voice using the software:
- Voice Attack
- Dragon Naturally Speaking of Nuance

Except fo the version IoT not need any software but use your smartphone or smarwatch for VOice Control

It should be noted that the 'voice use that is made at the level of Car-PC is very limited, and the two programs for the purpose almost equate, because both software are used to ask to recognize individual words (eg Hello) or more than 2 or 3 words (eg How are you, Open the glass, ..), it is not a fact-intensive and heavy as the dictation of long texts in a text editor (such as Word or Excel) or used to interact with Windows with voice commands complex and far.

The Roadthunderstorm tried them both

VoiceAttack uses the native Windows voice recognitioin engine; it a simple and fast software with a symbolic cost

Dragon is the most known software of VOice Recogniton but has the inconvenience to slow down your PC performance in terms of CPU and RAM occupied.Also it is a costly voice recognition software,

Relay Cards: Control and Interaction Auto up to 120 relays on a single USB

KNIGHT2000 Thunder  Voice Console

The new Relays Card

To the platform KNIGHT2000 Thunder were associated tabs industrial relays specially chosen from among a number screened (see photo above)

- It is in effect a product built with industry standards and is presented as a finished module , compact, without electronic parts in view , because it is enclosed in a container with detachable terminal block . Each module contains 8 relays , and is suitable for a maximum of 15 modules ( 15 x 8 = 120 relay ) with a unique USB port

- The communication between the modules is via the RS485 protocol that does not suffer from signal loss typical of USB (max. 5 m) , it can reach a maximum distance of 1200 meters (1 km and 200 m ), then there is a possibility to keep the modules also very distant from your PC without having to use powered USB hub to boost the USB signal . The RS485 protocol allows in fact a very high transmission speed (35 Mbit / s to 10 m and 100 kbps to 1,200 m). Since it uses a signaling system with a voltage rating not negligible , with a balanced line through the use of a pair (as in EIA RS- 422) , you can reach relatively large distances (up to just over 1,200 m note ) .

- the cost is the same or even less than many traditional cards

The software is compatible with cards but RELAY 'provided by third parties, because it is designed in a modular way, ie there is an intermediate form that adapts automatically to the type of relay board used, but it must be known a priori.

For example, it is compatible with cards Relay

ideegeniali Relays Board


  • Ebay seller VIRTUALENEW, not more sell but for those who had already held (see an example below)

KNIGHT2000 Thunder  Voice Console


70 Euro
8 Relays

130 Euro
16 Relays

170 Euro
24 Relays

ol Proiettore Sono

con effetti aud

Little ENGLISH Short Demo

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MOTION Detection



con semplii click o c


con semplii click o c



Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis.




































The Motion Detection and the Video Surveillance System

- Management of up to 5 Webcam

- Motion Detection on all the Webcams

- Efficient algorithm for calculating the correlation coefficient based on the moviemnto

- Management of events associated with the movement

- Recording Movies

- Shooting Photos

The platform is capable of handling up to 5 webcam ( the number was simply self-limited ) , being able to assign each of them a pleasure to order . And ' possible to use any type of CAM better if the USB , even economic ones to buy a few euros

On each of the 5 Cam you can take pictures or record a video , as well as to activate the motion detection liking . This is able to provide
- The percentage of movement
- The numerical value of the real movement
Graphically, the changes are shown in red pixels different , with effective graphic effect , see example image above

For the determinazine Movement ( M ) has been used an effective algorithm based on the coefficient of correlations between two variables ; fact The movement is calculated based on the difference between these two variables , namely our images (i1 , i2) , in two instants thereafter. The degree of correlation between the two variables is then expressed by the so-called correlation indices (CI ) .
So our movement M is given by the formula

M = f (IC) dove  IC = f (D (i1, i2), D (t1, t2)).


The GPS Navstar System

- Velocita istantanea e velocita media in Kmh o Mph

- Accelerazione dell'auto;

- Qualita e potenza del segnale satellitare in db;

- Altitudine in mt o feet

- Direzione di percorrenza rispetto al suolo

- Indicazione della Latitudine e Longitudine e la loro rappresentazione grafica;

- Accuratezza verticale ed orizzontale della posizione espressa in metr

- Rappresentazione grafica sull'orizzonte dei satelliti, quelli visibili e quelli in uso;

- Numero dei Satelliti visibili

- Dettagli dei Satelliti, quali potenza, posizione, ecc.

The Knight Rider Speedmeter is the natural evolution in perfect style Knight Rider, the RTS Voice Module Speedmeter presented in 2008 .

It allows you to play on the monitor KITT dashboard , providing real-time information collected some interesting and useful direttametne from satellites in orbit NAVSTAR GPS System
It 's possible to monitor, in real time, many parameters retrieved by a normal satellite connection , including
- The instantaneous speed and average speed in kph or mph
- The acceleration of the car;
- The quality and strength of the satellite signal in db ;
- The altitude in meters or feet ;
- The direction of travel relative to the ground
- The indication of the Latitude and Longitude and their graphical representation
- The horizontal and vertical accuracy of your position in meters
- The graphical representation of the satellites on the horizon , visible and those in use;
- The number of visible satellites , as well as their details , such as power, position , etc. .

The philosophy behind the project RoadThunderStorm is 'to ... realize a central control unit with which it was possible maximum interattivta between man and car ...

In line with this philosophy, the access to all these data and ' possible not only via a handy graphical interface touch screen , but also through simple voice commands and voice responses resulting clear
And ' possible, for example , with a simple voice command, enlarge to full screen the Speed ??Display, for foreground the value of the instantaneous velocity , graphical representation of the time course of the velocity , or the display of the satellites on the horizon Monitor 1 or Monitor 2 by managing multiMonitor
Not only with the Scrolling display may have under control much more info ..
The ' Event Driven Agent and the new device that then allows you to associate the action that you want the most for a given value of the velocity chosen . In doing so, exceeded the thresholds set by you , you can activate :
- An audible signal
- KITT to pronounce a sentence,
- Launch an application already in your possession

The operation of
Knight Rider Speedmeter

At the activation RTS4KITT Knight Rider Speedmeter will automatically connect to the satellites of the NAVSTAR system, the speed reading will activate only when the signal quality will FIX 3D, or after you hang up at least 4 satellits


Good Geometric alignment of two satellites

In fact, the operation of NAVSTAR is based on the system of military satellites operated by the U.S. government , 24 + 3 spares , sending a series of digital sequences in which the distances are calculated . RTS4KITT Knight Rider Speedmeter as each GPS receiver , can visualize , apart from exceptional cases , at most 12 , or the satellites located in the hemisphere of belonging .
The distance between the satellites and the receiver is calculated by measuring the time necessary to receive the signal from the satellite that issued it . To take the two-dimensional G.P.S. must "hook " at least three satellites. After that has been calculated the distance to each satellite in the GPS calculates a space in which positions the three spheres of radius equal to the distances available . One gets two intersections : one is the station point of the GPS and the other is directly opposite that is discarded. This position is two-dimensional and therefore carries with it a minimum of error because up to this point was not taken into account the height above sea level of the receiver .
It is necessary a third point to obtain a three-dimensional measurement . It is obtained by hooking the signal from a fourth satellite . Of course, the growing number of satellites contacted decreases the rate of the error. The ' Knight Rider RTS4KITT Speedmeter will only activate in this case, to avoid providing inaccurate measurements .

Accuracy: Interference caused by the reflection of signals 2

What matters for the accuracy of the GPS position is received with the position of the satellites in the sky. In practice, the accuracy is higher, the more satellites are widely distributed in the sky, on the contrary, the accuracy is reduced when the satellites are gathered in a confined space. The index of the accuracy of the position is indicated by the indicators of Horizontal and Vertical Accuracy, or the Dilution of Position

where HDOP = Horizontal Diluition of Position and where VDOP = Vertical Diluition of Position

Remote Commander

Sfruttare il Remote Desktoping di Windows come Comando Remoto

Leveraging one of the features of Windows, the Remote Desktoping, it is possible to remotely control the car via a PDA via wifi, and using free software. Here are some software for various platforms
- Ultra VNC: for Andriod environment; like a cliente on your Smartphone is possibile use VNC Mocha o VNC Viewer
- Splashtop : for Mac environment; see the officail site Splashtop




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